Wear the Right Outfit Every Day

Keeping the spirit of the best weather apps alive, Weather Fit goes beyond just giving you weather updates. The app answers the everyday question - 'what should I wear today?' or 'what to wear now?' - with ease and style.
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Outfit Planner

Creatively Informative

It has a cute little character who has a sense of style and dresses according to the weather. In such a way, the app shows you what to wear now, today, tonight, and tomorrow. Also, if it’s sunny, the character will put on sunglasses; if it’s rainy — will take an umbrella.

Home & Lock Screen Widgets

Forecast at Your Fingertips

Get timely information about weather conditions and clothing suggestions at a glance with the weather widget. Ensure you are well-prepared for the weather by keeping an eye on the Home or Lock Screen on your iPhone and iPad.

Character Customization

Uniquely Personalized Experience

What’s even better is that the avatar is customizable. You can choose its sex, skin tone, haircut, color of hair and eyebrows, glasses, and beard. Make it look like yourself or a person you would like to see every day.

Accurate Forecast

Intuitive and Slick User Experience

The interface is simple and straight to the point: hourly forecast, current conditions, daily forecast, and next-hour precipitation at a glance. All you need to know is on your iOS device.

Weather Visualization

Imaginative and Diverse

There is a lovely landscape behind the character, and it is used to display the current or future weather. The landscape changes according to weather conditions, time of day, and season. It’s both a weather forecast app and art — beautiful and precise.

A Bunch of Neat Additional Stuff

Adjusting preference to dress lighter or warmer

Minute-by-minute precipitation forecast

Air quality index

Weather warnings and alerts

Moon phases data

Available in 14 languages

Upgrade to Premium Features

We have some paid content, but it’s dirty cheap and follows a monthly or yearly subscription model. Try the free trial for 7 days. No commitment. Cancel anytime.

Ad-Free Experience

Enjoy weather forecast app without the interruption of ads.

Clothing and Landscapes

Personalize your journey with selectable clothes and landscapes.

Unlock all Widgets

Let the character suggest what you should wear from your Home & Lock Screens.

Weather Maps and Radar

Observe the movement of air masses, clouds, storms around the world.

More Data Sources

Switch between Apple Weather, AerisWeather, and AccuWeather.

Extended Forecast

Don't let the weather ruin your plans with an extended detailed forecast.